Madonna the beloved singer, shocked fans with her appearance without photoshop and filters: she is beautiful

Photos of pop diva Madonna appeared on the Internet without photoshop.

Singer Madonna recently attended New York Fashion Week and wowed fans with her look.

In particular, a photo of a star made without using Photoshop was posted on the Internet. His appearance in the photos does not look like him at all. Her hair was braided.
This time she chose a black corset, plaid skirt and fishnet tights. The celeb completed her look with jewelry. By the way, Madonna did her makeup and lightened her eyebrows.

Madonna’s photo surprised her fans. In addition, the photos she posted on Instagram were completely different from those posted by Internet users.

We know that Madonna is a fan of plastic surgery.

She reportedly underwent at least 50 surgeries, but the singer only confirmed five: rhinoplasty, lip reshaping, blepharoplasty, chin reshaping and a facelift.
Madonna’s addiction to plastic surgery was exacerbated by another mania – the use of numerous filters on social networks, as a result of which her image is almost unrecognizable.


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