So that the elderly dog does not suffer from loneliness, the owners decided to sleep with him in turn

Since childhood, each of us has heard that he is responsible for those whom he has tamed. But not everyone understands what responsibility means, how caring for a pet is expressed in real life, and not in a beautiful fairy tale. This story is about the dog Spike and his owners, who retained love and devotion to their pet even after he got old and began to need special care.

Spike is a springer spaniel. These are active and cheerful dogs, but recently Spike turned 14, and for his breed this is a very respectable age.

With age, the dog began to devote more and more time to sleep, and then problems arose.

Spike used to sleep in bed with the owners, sitting at the foot of the bed. Unfortunately, the dog has suffered two strokes and also has several age-related diseases. It is difficult for the dog to move around, and he cannot climb to the second floor, where the master bedroom is located, at all.

So that the dog does not risk in vain, the owners put a barrier in front of the steps. A sofa appeared on the first floor, which is laid out so that Spike can sleep comfortably.

It turned out that it is hard for the dog to fall asleep on his own, so the owners take turns keeping him company. Often people bring food and water to Spike just to the sofa so that the pet does not waste energy on unnecessary movements.

Someone will find that people care too much about an elderly dog. Many of Spike’s relatives spend their whole lives outside in a booth and do not consider themselves unfortunate.

Spike got into this family as an adult dog. The owners brought him from the shelter. Before getting into a family that sincerely fell in love with him, the animal suffered a lot.

The owners admit that they want to brighten up the old age of their dog, so they are not in the least bothered by the need to spend a couple of nights on the couch.

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