The cat in the shelter chose its owner by itself, jumping on his shoulder. After that, they did not part.

Our regular readers know that quite often the pets themselves choose their owner. And today’s article serves as another proof of this.

Stephanie and her boyfriend decided to get a pet. They dreamed of a little baby who would live with them at home. Just during this period of time, the couple was grieving the death of their previous pet, who lived with them for many years. Also in their house lived another cat, who was very friendly with the dead animal and now suffered the most. The couple hoped that the appearance of a cat in their house could brighten up the loneliness of their pet. People often imagine their future in their own way, but life makes its own adjustments.

And so, when young people arrived at the animal shelter and began to look after a cat for themselves, suddenly, we suddenly suck for everyone, one cat, with snow-white fur, jumped on the guy’s shoulder. At that moment, the guy felt warmth and caress emanating from the animal.

He also hummed a sweet tune in his ear. The cat was not going to get off, and the young people, without realizing it themselves, had already made their choice. Well, after such an act on the part of the animal, how could one remain indifferent to him? The shelter staff said that the cat’s name is Oliver, just like their deceased pet. After that, all doubts were dispelled, and the cat found a new family.

And to help the new pet get used to the new environment faster, the guy took a few days off from work. Oliver quickly found a common language with another pet, but still looked confused at first. Moreover, the new owners persistently tried to treat his ears and eyes, as there were certain problems.

But, after the end of all the trials, Oliver was able to give each family member enough of his affection and love.

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