The cat saved six puppies: she took care of them, carried them mice and warmed herself

Ekaterina Balanenko was in the courtyard of the house when she heard a loud meow. The sound was heard very close, it seemed that the cat was crying for a reason, but was trying to call for help. Katya decided to find out what was the matter and soon found a crying cat. A black-and-white animal was sitting on a rag, and six red puppies were crawling around it.

It was already getting cool outside, the kids and their foster mother needed a home. Ekaterina and her neighbors built a warm booth for an unusual family. The girl fed the animals, and when the frosts began, she moved them to her house.

During street life, the cat constantly patronized the puppies. The kids were washed, the cat made sure that they did not indulge, warmed them with her body. Only when the whole family was at Katya’s house did she realize that her mother was not a cat at all, but a cat. It also turned out that Murzik, Katya’s ward received such a name, gave everything that people brought to his kids. He also gave mice caught on the street to his adopted children, so he himself was extremely thin.

In this story, it is also unusual that the cat had such a strong maternal instinct, and that he decided to take care of other people’s puppies.

The girl found a family for each baby, and Murzik, who also went to a new house, was not left without attention, where he was surrounded by love and care.

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