The dog led the mistress to a snowdrift, around which the snow was melting. It was a tied bag, it moved

Even after years of volunteering, there are stories that can truly surprise us.

In this story, another dog rescued the dog. This can be called a real miracle, because if it were not for another four-legged creature, then the days of the poor thing would be numbered.

Bella dragged her owner aside during her usual morning walk in the woods. Irina did not understand where the dog was trying to take her, but resignedly went in the right direction. Bella whined and tried in every possible way to point out to the hostess something.

The snowdrift they had approached suddenly began to move. Irina noticed that the snow around him had noticeably melted. In fact, the snowdrift turned out to be a white bag. It was warm – that’s why the snow around it melted. There was obviously someone in the bag. And this someone was still alive, the movement did not stop!

Irina called her friend, the two women untied the bag and pulled the dog out of it. The baby was practically dead, her tongue was swollen and turned blue. The dog could not stand, barely crawled out into the snow and collapsed as if knocked down, burying its muzzle in a snowdrift.

The friends took the poor girl to a warm house and tried to warm her up, and also gently bathed her and put a bowl of food in front of her. But the dog did not react to anything, even the food did not arouse her curiosity. The unfortunate animal was too weak to eat and move, it just lay like a pile of rags.

I had to immediately call the veterinarians, who took the dog to the clinic. Zhulya – this is the name Irina gave to the poor thing she found – weighed only a third of her normal weight. The veterinarians could not understand whether she had already lost weight while sitting in a bag, or was in such a terrible state when she was put in it. The dog actually consisted of bones and skin, it did not have any muscles at all. The sight was impressive and frightening. Zhulya was dying, it was clear to everyone.

It is difficult to say why her owners acted so inhumanly. Instead of just kicking out an unnecessary animal – so Julie would have at least some chance of survival – they preferred to put the dog in a bag, dooming to death. Nothing more brutal is simply imaginable. If not for Bella, then Zhulya would simply die, because she could not help herself on her own. In such conditions, it is not only difficult to survive, but almost impossible.

Every day Zhula was put on drips. At first, the dog still did not react to anything, food was given to her by force, because she still did not show any interest in it. It seemed that Julie was not interested in continuing to live. However, the veterinarians did everything they could to save the poor thing, to help her survive no matter what. Gradually, the dog began to eat on its own. But she still did not get up from her couch, she even went to the toilet under herself. Julie was completely exhausted.

A week passed, and something incredible happened: the dog got up. She immediately fell, because her muscles were completely atrophied, but this was already an excellent result. The veterinarians were afraid that Zhulya would not be able to walk at all. Now they have become calmer, because the fears were not justified. It was obvious that sooner or later Zhulya would get back on her feet.

A few days later, the dog ate for the first time by itself with great appetite. She reached for the bowl with an enthusiasm that one would not have expected from her until quite recently. Zhulya was never able to get up to get closer to the food, so she reached forward with only her muzzle.

The need for droppers was completely eliminated, now Zhulya could be treated at home. The dog began to try to walk a little and even went outside, not for long, but its progress could not but impress.

Full recovery will take a very long time. When Zhulya recovers, she will be sterilized. After that, Irina is going to start looking for a loving family for the dog. A roof over her head and caring people should be compensation for the sufferer for everything that she had to endure.

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