World’s hearts melt during figure skater’s passionate ‘Hallelujah’ routine

Figure skating is a popular spectator sport that combines the technical skill and precise movements of skating with the grace and beauty of dance. Figure skaters must be able to follow choreography that showcases their talents while performing difficult skating maneuvers. Music is also an important part of the performance. In fact, the right song can take a figure skating routine to the next level.

That’s certainly the case in this 2019 video in which Russian figure skater Veronika Zhilina performs to Alexandra Burke’s rendition of “Hallelujah.” The public is amazed by the figure skaters who master their art with grace and agility. They are even more amazed when this skater is young. Children who can complete a figure skating routine show a dedication to their craft that is rarely seen in anyone, let alone those who have not yet reached adulthood.
A young figure skater shows the world that with hard work and dedication, a lot can be accomplished in a short time. Such was the case with Zhilina, who stars in a figure skating video that has gone viral over the past year. Zhilina is a young figure skater who has spent long hours training to perfect a routine. She also shows nerves of steel while completing the routine in front of a crowd of viewers. Although she admitted she was nervous at first, Zhilina let herself be immersed in the routine and the song. This video is sure to touch the hearts of anyone who watches it.

Zhilina’s figure skating routine took place in 2019. She was around 10 or 11 years old when she performed this performance. It has since gone viral, having been seen by people all over the world. The video has been posted on various social media platforms, and users around the world are watching in awe as she performs this touching figure skating routine. As the music begins, Zhilina is holding an orb of light. Spectators see this and also hold their own lights.

This creates a bond between the skater and her audience. Even those watching from afar can feel part of the show. Zhilina exudes confidence as she poses light to skate around the rink. The delighted audience continues to hold their lights as they watch and applaud. “Hallelujah,” covered by Alexandra Burke, was the song that rang out in the arena during the figure skating routine. The tone of the song gave Zhilina the perfect opportunity to show off her powerful moves. The routine’s choreography took into account the powerful melody by pairing moves that would be difficult for even the most seasoned figure skaters with this well-known song. Leonard Cohen wrote “Hallelujah” in 1984. However, it would take several years before the song became well known around the world.

Since then, it has been covered many times by artists around the world. He enjoyed a resurgence in popularity after being featured in the movie “Shrek”. The ups and downs of the melody, along with the meaningful lyrics, resonate with all who hear it. The song accompanies Zhilina’s figure skating performance which makes her graceful routine even more meaningful. While many versions of “Hallelujah” have been popular, it’s safe to say that the cover performed by Alexandra Burke is the most haunting. This winner of ‘The X Factor’ released her condensed cover version during the festive period of 2008. It reached Christmas number one in the UK, joining classics such as Conway Twitty’s ‘It’s Only Make Believe’ and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Figure skating is a sport where Russian athletes shine.
The country is known for its world famous figure skaters. The accuracy and precision of this routine places Zhilina firmly among her peers. Her love of the sport shines as brightly as the orb of light she holds at the start and end of the performance. Likewise, the amount of effort put into this routine is fully displayed. A typical 10 or 11 year old can just hope to be able to skate without falling. Anyone who grew up ice skating might be able to perform a few turns with relative ease. A young child who has had a few years of practice with a professional teacher might be able to perform an axel or a loop.

A parent may be reluctant to enroll a child in a course that requires them to spend several hours a day studying and playing a sport like figure skating. However, some parents see that their child is really gifted and loves to skate. They may be willing to give the child some freedom to explore this craft. Parents and the rest of the family may need to sacrifice time and money. Zhilina finds support from her family in the form of a talented sister who also skates. Zhilina’s skating performance with “Hallelujah” has gone viral, but that’s only part of her stardom.
She also appeared in the “Ice Age: Kids” reality skating competition. She and her sister trained with skating superstar Evgeni Plushenko. With talents like the ones she displayed in this performance, it is highly likely that she will one day join the ranks of some of the most talented skaters in the world. Her fans will continue to watch and cheer her on. If you want to know more about the talented skating skills of Veronika Zhilina, you can check her Instagram account.
The young girl is certainly an inspiration to many others who want to pursue excellence in this art form, and we can expect great things! Do you like skating? Are you moved by this story of a young skater and her performance? Let us know your thoughts – and don’t forget to pass it along to your friends and family.


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