This boy is singing an Adele song. He knows this song is a big challenge, but sings perfectly

Toby loves tennis and music. Now he’s gone from the tennis court to the big stage at ‘The Voice Kids’ 2023. He sings Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ and at the end there’s not only a four-way buzzer, but also an encore . Toby is really versatile. Not only does he thrive in tennis, but he also shines with his voice. Toby, 13, wants to convince at the blind auditions of “The Voice Kids” in addition to a career as a professional tennis player.

He has a particularly difficult pop song with him: “Easy On Me” by Adele. Toby knows this song is a big challenge. But soon after he took the stage, he proved to spectators and coaches alike that he was up to it. With his spooky performance, the audience soon burst into thunderous applause. With so many emotions, coach Léna is touched. Then she has to hold back a tear. But that’s not all: the public wants an encore of the young talent.

Which team do you think Toby will go to? “Easy On Me” by Adele took hearts by storm At the end of October 2021, British artist Adele released her single “Easy On Me”. It was Adele’s first single in six years and caused worldwide hype. With her love ballad, she touched listeners in the heart and activated a real craze on social networks.


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