Today, there are homes that don’t even have utility bills. here’s how

In Spain, architects have unveiled the latest development of a house that generates its own energy. The house represents a whole new design of the future.

Today, we must take care of nature and conserve natural resources.

Using an additional power source not only reduces fuel consumption, but also saves money.

After all, utility bills increase every year and people are often unable to pay such amounts.
Many years ago, when technologies were not developed, people were already learning how to use natural resources in daily life.

These examples are water and windmills that existed in ancient times. Man has always sought comfort and convenience.

It is only now that mankind has begun to think about the careful management of natural resources.

The idea of a smart home is very different from other similar designs. The house is made from natural materials. The architects mainly used wood.

The design of the house is made in the form of an oval barrel, thanks to which the interior space seems larger than it really is.
A family of four can be accommodated inside. The interior is designed in such a way that the house has all the necessary spaces.

Under the ceiling there is a niche where the beds are located. The whole area is used very rationally, so that not a centimeter is lost.
Solar panels are installed on the entire roof, which generates three times more energy than it wastes.

The construction that generates energy consists of a solar panel, a battery, a controller and an inverter.

A solar panel is a complex of elements connected into a single assembly that converts sunlight into a stream of electrons.

The number of batteries is determined by the power of the energy consumed.
The solar charge controller is required to ensure normal battery charging. Its main purpose is to prevent repeated recharging of the battery.

An inverter is a device that converts power. The efficiency of the whole system largely depends on the correct installation of the solar battery.


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