She sings wonderfully well. And above all, this advocacy meets our needs

At just ten years old, Jackie Evancho had quite a successful musical career. She has a voice that resembles that of a classic opera singer. Evancho shares an incredible performance of The Lord’s Prayer during the concert. Jackie has become a world star thanks to her phenomenal voice. She became known to everyone after taking second place in the fifth season of America’s Got Talent. She had come this far without having a great talent.

In the video below, Jackie sings during her Dream With Me concert tour, which took place in 2011. With her lyrical style of singing, no song suits her better than the classic cult anthem “The Lord’s Prayer ”. Some people don’t realize that “The Lord’s Prayer” was a poem before it became a song. Jackie does a wonderful job with her role, putting her soul into the performance. You want to see it again and again. Well done, young lady.



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