Looking at the dimensions of her body, Simon began to think how she could dance. But the unexpected happened

There are few things more amazing than when someone completely defies all our expectations. Especially when it seems like the odds are stacked against them and yet they go out of their way to leave us speechless. It’s really inspiring for everyone to see something like this… That’s why we are proud to be able to share this video of Emma Haslam.

She’s a very different “pole dancer” than any you’ve seen before because she’s a tall girl, but she’s able to show us that pole dancing doesn’t depend on body size at all! When Haslam took the stage at the talent show, she immediately received harsh criticism from judge Simon Cowell, who seemed to have a slight dislike for the outfit she wore.
Even though the judges think she doesn’t have what it takes to advance to the next round of British Got Talent, they encourage her to start her performance. During the show, everyone bursts into applause and the judges are impressed. before his ability to dance despite his dimensions.



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