The girl who was born without legs is only 8 years old and she has already become a professional gymnast

The little girl, who is only 8 years old, has proven that if you have a great desire, you can reach all the heights, despite the difficulties!

Paige was born without legs. From early childhood, she enthusiastically watched the sports performances of gymnasts, and her parents tried to send her to the first training session.

Since it all started. At first, Paige trained to stay in shape, because due to her characteristics, it is important to have strong hands. But then this hobby became something more.
Now the girl is already 8 years old, and she is on the Ohio State gymnastics team.

As she said: “I feel that gymnastics is my calling, I will not stop doing it. »
“I want to continue to train, offer programs and participate in sports competitions. But the most important thing is the support of relatives, the coach and even teammates. »


Moreover, Paige not only loves gymnastics, she also enjoys archery, swimming, and cheerleading.
Parents do everything to get their daughter to all her favorite activities on time, they are happy that she smiles so much.

At such a young age, Page was already seriously considering competing in the Paralympic Games. The story of this little girl proves that you can reach any height if you really want to.


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