World’s First Sextuplet Sisters Are Born: Find Out What They Look Like 39 Years Later

Usually, when a couple gets married, they think about having children. Janet and Graham have also dreamed of their future children for so many years. However, they could not even imagine that they would become both mom and dad of a large family.
The case happened when the couple had struggled to have a baby for so many years of trying. And, finally, after the 13th attempt, Janet finally got pregnant. They were eagerly awaiting the first ultrasound.

To their surprise, the device showed that they were expecting six children at a time. They amazed and shocked mine just now! The specialists took Janet to the district hospital to be under their control. So, on November 18, 1983, she gave birth to 6 beautiful daughters. The early years were terribly difficult for the couple to properly treat their beloved daughters.
But, after all, they managed to organize all the challenges and difficulties. The school years came, and they were so proud of their smart daughters to see them still together in a close relationship during the school years.

And, this tradition continues until now: they are close friends as in childhood. Now the sisters are 39 years old.

Some of them have made beautiful families, and others have succeeded in their careers. Janet and Graham are so happy and lucky to have this kind of large family, as it grows bigger over time, giving them more grandchildren!


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