Stunning young violinist Karolina Protsenko performs “The Sound Of Silence”

Last month, a video clip of a wonderful musical performance, in which Karolina Protsenko aroused enthusiasm, landed on the Internet. It is a young girl of barely 14 years old, who has captivated many Internet users with her performances on the violin.

The video, which she posted on her YouTube channel last month, is already a real hit – so far it has reached more than 1.1 million views on the YouTube network alone. Karolina Protsenko left her native Ukraine for the United States in 2015.
She often shows off her musical talents by playing the violin at street performances, and this time was no different. In the video, she performed the world famous hit song “The Sound Of Silence”, originally performed by Simon & Garfunkel, on the violin.


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