“He is the new Michael Jackson” Three boys follow each other on the Internet after being compared to the mythical Jackson 5

In 2016, the Melisizwe brothers shot to fame when one of their videos went viral online. As a result, people started sharing it with Ellen DeGeneres, who then reached out to all three kids to join her on the show. The boys made an appearance and their fame quickly skyrocketed after performing Jackson 5’s popular song “I’ll be there”. Since then, their names have only grown for native Canadians. The group is made up of three artists. The youngest lead singer is called Zacary, who is often compared to Michael Jackson for his distinctive voice in a band made up of his brothers.

The next brother is Seth, who is the “glue” of the group and has a real eye for music. His main instrument is the piano, but he also excels in his musical skills. The eldest of the group is Marc, 15, who normally plays the guitar and also enjoys his voice. He is the pillar who sets an example for his younger brothers and sisters. The boys were recently invited to join ‘Little Big Shots’ in the UK, where they wowed the crowd with their soulful performance of Stevie Wonder classics.

Their performance started slow, singing Stevie Wonder’s classic song “For Once In My Life”, but halfway through, the music changed and the youngest member, Zacary, started spinning. The crowd erupted in applause as they instantly recognized the hit song when they started playing “Superstition.”

There’s no denying that the aura of the venue suddenly became more vibrant and fun as the crowd went wild. These guys are definitely talented and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them, because there’s no denying that they’re rising stars. What do you think of this group? Post your thoughts in the comments section!
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