“Age – 20 years, weight – 31 kg, golden color”: what kind of fish did the man catch

Andy Hackett said the story of his attempts to catch the carrot, the fish got its name after being hooked, is quite a long one. Andy is British, but often came to fish in Champagne, on Lake Blue Water. “I was convinced that this fish, of an unusual bright color, was there,” the man says, pointing out that for a long time only the back of the fish caught his eye, and he could not see it completely. , let alone photograph it.

This goldfish has nothing to do with those that live in aquariums. Aquarium specimens do not exceed 35 cm and weigh no more than 350 grams, they simply will not survive in the lake. The fish Andy caught weighed 31kg and was closer to carp, although for this species he also became a champion of his size. In the end, the fish received an unusual color, being a descendant of carp. Naked carp and koi carp were released into the lake two decades ago. Experts assessed the type and size of the plug and suggested that she herself was at least 20 years old.
Probably, all these years the fish was careful and never fell on the hook of the anglers. Andy came to the lake again to fish. The man gave up spinning and after a while he felt someone pulling the bait with incredible force. “I have already understood that the fish is huge. She hooked up and started to swing, I realized she was bigger than any fish I had caught before,” recalls the Englishman.

The confrontation between the man and the fish continued for 30 minutes, while the fish was still able to bring his catch close, he saw that the fish had an unusual bright color. “It’s a one-off catch, but it has no merit, only luck,” said the fisherman. Eddie decided the fish was too unique and beautiful to be his dinner. He took several pictures with an unusual catch, after which the unusual carp returned to its native lake.

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