The anesthetist sews dresses in her spare time, inspired by fashions from the past. The detail of his work is amazing

What every fashionista flaunted centuries ago can now only be seen in museums and art galleries. Well, also in the blog of Christine Millar, who has made creating historical outfits her hobby.

The young girl manages to combine work as an anesthesiologist and sewing outfits inspired by the fashions of past centuries. Bright colors, detailed embroidery and styles that girls wore – all of this Christine creates with her own hands.
The doctor keeps a blog in which she shows the outfits she sews herself.

Christine Millar is passionate about the fashion of past centuries and creates dresses from these outfits that can be found in museums or in artists’ paintings. But sewing is just a girl’s hobby, most of the time she works as an anesthesiologist.

The young girl thinks that doctors should do something other than medicine.

You have to help a lot of people and save a lot of lives, but at the same time you see death and suffering. It has to be compensated somehow. Art and creating something new helps me focus my emotions on something other than work. I love 18th century yellow dresses so much! Here is one of my first outfits inspired by a dress from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

According to Christine, it takes her between 180 and 450 hours to create an outfit. The girl pays special attention to detail and embroidery. Thanks to modern technologies, she spends much less time sewing outfits and embroidering a picture than craftswomen of past centuries, but the amount of work is still impressive.

The girl is inspired by different eras. Kristin also likes to reproduce famous outfits from past centuries. She sewed an outfit in which you can see the Marquise de Pompadour in one of her portraits. Christine is inspired not only by paintings, but also by films.
Christine talks about her outfits, as well as the process of working on them, in her blog. There you can see more dresses she has worked on.

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