The faithful dog sat at the bus stop for 3 days and faithfully waited for its owner

For three days Zhulya spent days and nights at the bus stop. The dog seemed to be waiting for someone. This behavior of the animal attracted the attention of people who every day came to the bus stop and looked at the dog while waiting for transport. Someone decided that Zhula needed help, because the dog did not move for three days and practically did not get up.

One of the women got off at the bus stop. Returning from the dachas where she went to feed the dogs, the woman put Zhulya in her empty bag on wheels and went home with her. At home, the woman realized that Zhulya was physically healthy, she did not leave the bus stop, waiting for someone, probably the former owners.

The woman left Zhulya at home, but all she could do was make sure that the dog did not starve. She could not pay much attention to the animal and take it for walks. There were frosts, the woman spent a lot of time every day getting by bus to the dachas, feeding the dogs and cats abandoned there by negligent owners.

A lot of time was also spent on buying groceries, preparing food for the unfortunate vagrants, whom the owners abandoned when they returned to the city after the summer season. Active Zhulya required a lot of attention and long walks, but the pensioner could not provide this to her.

Zhula’s apartment got bored, so she started to play naughty. At night, the pensioner let the dog out for a little walk. Zhulya always returned to the entrance and sat at the door, waiting to be let in.

Animals that go for walks on their own, the law considers stray, they are allowed to be taken by the trapping service. I got caught and Jules. There the dog was sterilized and vaccinated. After two months in the apartment, Zhulya ended up in the trapping enclosure. The cheerful and active dog fell in love with the service workers, but soon she will have to go to live on the street. Zhulya has never survived on her own, she is unlikely to be able to quickly get used to the street and cope with the need to take care of herself on her own.

It is not known what awaits her next. Perhaps she will return to the entrance door and wait for the compassionate old woman to let her into the apartment, or maybe she will be in a completely unfamiliar area. Zhulya is trusting and affectionate, she is accustomed to care and cannot survive on the street alone.

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