I sealed the box with tape, made holes for air and left it to chance

The box was sealed with tape, but holes were made in the walls and lid so that oxygen could enter the animal. Here is such a strange idea for someone about humanism. The kitten inside was about 4 months old.

The gray fluffy was named Silver.

The baby has problems with the hind legs. You need to consult a veterinarian, only clinics refuse to accept free or on credit. We are sure that these are not fractures, so we are watching for now.


The initial processing was carried out independently. The kitten walks, although not quite confidently, pulling his hind leg, but every day he is getting better.

Silver is 4.5 months old, he really needs a home and Lilia hopes that soon he will be able to find his owners. While the baby is in overexposure, he became very friendly with her other inhabitant, the cat Capri.

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