How dogs have changed after they were taken home from a shelter: photo

If a dog cannot find a family for a long time and it remains in a shelter, sooner or later the staff will have to euthanize it. The fact is that shelters cannot save all the animals, and hundreds of new homeless ponytails appear on the street every day, so people have to make difficult decisions.

Taking the dog from the shelter, the new owners save her life. Many of the wards of the shelter have never lived in a house with the owner, they do not know what love and care are, so the appearance of a family literally opens a new chapter in their life.

Adult animals from the shelter are taken less willingly, but this solution will allow the owners to avoid many problems: the dogs are already accustomed to walking and toileting on the street, they do not need to be fed many times a day, they will not ruin the furniture during teething.

Every dog that comes to the shelter is examined by a veterinarian and treated. Animals must be treated for parasites, vaccinated, sterilized, treated. Only those dogs that have undergone the necessary therapy and have no health problems are given into the family. It is enough for future owners to take the pet to the veterinarian for examination once a year.

By making a friend, you help save other animals.

When you take a dog in a shelter, another animal comes to its place, for which the shelter is a chance to escape from life on the street, to get help and care.

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