An elderly dog ate earth and gnawed rocks to survive

The dog Teddy got his name for his resemblance to a bear. The dog is a real good-natured man, although nothing in his life is conducive to such character traits.

For many years Teddy knew only cruelty and mistreatment.

The dog was found walking along the road. Teddy was not afraid of people, and as soon as he received an invitation, he jumped into the car. When he came to us, we were surprised at the incredible thinness of a large dog and the wound that gaped in his neck.

It turned out that all his life the dog was sitting on a chain, the length of which was only a meter. Teddy did not have a booth, he often ate earth and stones to calm his empty stomach a little. Half of the dog’s teeth fell out, the fangs were scratched off. Most of all, the hungry life in the cold affected the kidneys of the animal. Teddy is disabled with stage 3 kidney failure.

Despite all the difficulties, Teddy remains a real kind man who loves people, other dogs and even cats. The dog loves to go for walks, he is like a little puppy, every time he discovers something new. But there are not many innovations in the shelter.

Teddy is in a shelter where he is looked after. Cold is contraindicated for the dog, so he cannot live in an aviary, and he can hardly fit in a small cage in a hospital. So far, the whole meaning of the dog’s life is walking and communicating with volunteers.

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