The boy rushed to the aid of the cat, which was thrown out of the truck at full speed

The car in which the mother and her son were traveling was overtaken by a van on the bridge. They just threw a cat out of the van window onto the road. The animal managed to cling to the very edge of the overpass with its paws and hung over the abyss.

The Browns were shocked by what happened. The woman immediately drove to the side of the bridge and stopped, while her son got out of the car and began to stop other cars. The boy was afraid that the frightened animal would run out onto the road and fall under the wheels of a car. Fortunately, the drivers understood the situation and traffic stopped. The boy immediately ran to the animal and pulled it out.

The family took the cat to the vet. Fortunately, the doctors did not find any injuries, they only noted that the animal was very frightened. Mom was glad that her son showed such kindness to the animal, she also noticed that in a couple of hours the boy became very attached to the cat.

The Browns drove home from the clinic, taking the cat with them. The new pet was named Lucky, because everything that happened to him that day showed that he is a real minion of fate.

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