Street cat asks woman to come home to save her kittens

Kitty the cat lived on the street. Looking for a quiet place to rest, she went into a residential courtyard. The cat began to come to this yard every day and look closely at its owners.

The owners of Kitty’s house noticed and decided to feed her. The cat always sniffed the treat immediately and then ate it. She did not give herself into the hands of people, and in general, she tried not to approach the owners of the house, watching them from a distance. As it turned out, the cat was not worried about her well-being, but about the well-being of her kittens, who were just about to be born.

The owner of the house loved animals, the woman decided that she would woo Kitty. In the yard, the hostess installed bowls in which there was always clean water and food for the fluffy guest, after which the cat also got its own soft bed. The owners of the house did not immediately notice Kitty’s pregnancy, they were convinced that their guest was simply afraid of people.

The woman made a lot of efforts, but the cat did not agree to enter the house at all. Perhaps people used to offend Kitty and she did not believe that someone was able to show her kindness. With the approach of childbirth, the cat became more docile and affectionate.

Feeling that she would soon become a mother, Kitty decided to accept the invitation and enter the house. Inside, the cat explored unfamiliar rooms for a long time, while the mistress of the house arranged a secluded corner for her.

Kitty periodically asked to go outside, but she began to enter the house without fear, she loved to spend time on her couch and play with the owners. Soon charming kittens appeared in the house.

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