“Punished for being upset”: a bald cat was abandoned in a cold entrance in a frost of -50

The girls found a bald cat in the entrance of their house in Yakutia.

It was 50-degree frosts outside, it was only a little warmer in the entrance. It is not known how long the sphinx, which does not tolerate even a slight cold, sat on the landing.

The cat was very cold, his body temperature dropped, and his ears and paw pads suffered from frostbite. To top it off, the cat was heavily soiled in its own feces.

The girls contacted animal rights activist Zlata Sychova and described the situation. Soon they brought a cat to Zlata.

All night, the animal rights activist warmed the cat, sitting with him by the heater. Only in the morning the body temperature of the animal began to rise.

Zlata believes that the owner kicked the cat into the cold entrance, deciding to punish the animal for dirtying the apartment. The sphinx had diarrhea, obviously, the owner decided that in such a situation, not treatment would help, but punishment.

“The cat has several abrasions on its head. It seems that he was held and poked with force into something. The animal is almost not accustomed to the toilet, having become ill, the cat could defecate throughout the apartment. Most likely, the owner showed excessive emotionality and, having soiled the cat in his own feces, threw him into the entrance, ”the animal rights activist gives this explanation of what happened.

The cat was named Valera, already in the morning he was at the veterinary clinic, after the tests he will be prescribed treatment, and eventually castration will be carried out. Volunteers have already found people who will take Valera into their family.

In the morning, Valera, as the cat was called, was taken to the veterinary clinic. There he will be examined and assisted, and later castrated. There were also kind people who expressed a desire to take Valera for themselves.

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