For several years, the dog has been on the road. He waits for his owners, but they do not return

For several years, the dog comes to the road and waits for the owners to return for him. People don’t come back and we blame ourselves for this.

On that day, the owners planned to go to the sea. The path was not close, the dog had to go with them. Near the airport, people let the dog out of the car so that he could urinate.

On the grass, Jack noticed a bird. The dog could not control his instincts and rushed after her, running further and further away from the owners. He heard the owner calling him and ran to his voice, but did not have time, the plane left earlier.

Jack wandered around the airport for a long time, hoping that sooner or later he would find his owners, but this meeting never took place. The dog was soon picked up by another family, she took the dog to her house and named Charlie.

The new owners loved the dog, he played with the children and went hunting with the head of the family. They set up a strong booth for Charlie in the yard, he was well taken care of. But the dog could not forget about the people with whom he had lived before. Periodically, the dog will run away and head for the road, hoping that he still has a chance to meet his family.

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