In the shelter, the abandoned dog with one glance violated all Stas’ plans

Stas went to the animal shelter in a good mood. It took him a while to decide whether to go to a breeder or a shelter to get a puppy and eventually realized that he wanted to give a new life to a shelter dog.

The volunteer met him at the entrance and took him on a tour. Stas said that he has a small apartment and he needs a small dog, but the age of the pet can be any, like the breed.

The dogs seemed to sense that the man was here for a reason and behaved quietly, hoping to show the visitor that there would be no problems with them. Dozens of pairs of eyes looked at the man, and there was hope in every look.

At one of the enclosures, Stas unexpectedly stopped. The dog inside was large, she lay with her head resting on her paws. The sign on the enclosure said that a Labrador named Umka lives in it.

We found this dog. We don’t know what happened to the owners, maybe they are gone, or maybe they just left him and left. He lived for a couple of days at the gate of an empty dacha, and then he came to us, ”the volunteer told the story of the pet.

Umka realized that they were talking about him, got up on his paws and inhaled. The cage was very small for an animal of this size.

Stas stroked the dog, which in response looked at him with gratitude.

“Let’s go home, Umka!”

The dog walked calmly next to the man and did not pay attention to anyone around, although local cats tried to provoke him.

The bedding bought by Stas before going to the shelter turned out to be too small for the dog, because the man was not going to get a Labrador at all.

“Sleep on it for now, and tomorrow we’ll think of something,” Stas said to his pet, and he didn’t mind at all and, with amazing grace for his size, settled down in the proposed place and fell asleep almost immediately.

In the evening, Stas and Umka went for the first joint walk. The dog calmly walked next to the owner, examining passers-by and other animals.

Umka showed with all his appearance that he was proud of his master and was happy that one glance was enough for him to find a home and a person who immediately became his family.

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