The boy is a real hero. At the age of 8 he became the child of the year, having saved more than 1400 street dogs

Kindness and responsiveness in a person are manifested from childhood. An illustration to confirm this is the story of Harry White, who is only 8 years old. At such a young age, the boy has already managed to help almost one and a half thousand dogs. Three years ago, animal rights activists awarded Harry the honorary title of “child of the year” for his help and responsiveness.

For the first time, Harry became interested in the fate of stray dogs at the age of four. A few years later, his interest became the basis for the creation of an organization that saves stray dogs. The boy founded the organization with his mother. Together they manage to find good owners for animals that are on the street.

Harry’s mother’s name is Alice, she supports her son in everything and tries to help him in every possible way. According to the woman, in just one month she and her son were able to find a new home for 33 dogs.

Harry himself says that he remembers the first dog he found a home for. Great Dane’s name was Pete, he was a large, but very kind and sociable dog.

The boy cannot look indifferently at the suffering of animals and helps them find loving owners.

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