The family came to the shelter for a cat, but from what they saw the picture had to take both

The friendship between animals can be as strong as their affection for humans. Animals often help each other through difficult periods, their affection and need for each other becomes so strong that it is impossible to separate such animals. It was such a friendship that arose between the cat Luna and the cat Louie. The animals became friends while still being kittens. The kids ended up in the shelter almost at the same time, so that they would not get bored, the staff settled them together. Very soon the kittens became inseparable.

The kids grew up, the shelter staff posted their photos on the website, saying that the kids need a new home. This post was seen by Jack and his fiancee, who called the shelter and said that they would like to take Luna. The couple arrived at the shelter a few days later to sign the papers.

The orphanage workers were glad they had found a home for Luna, but worried about how her departure would take Louis. The animals were very attached to each other and the staff did not want to separate them, but the instructions forbade them to offer visitors to take another pet. The solution to the problem was found by itself. When Jack and his fiancee approached the cage, they saw that Luna was sleeping, hugging another cat.

The couple realized that separation for the animals would be an ordeal, they decided that they would take both Luna and Louis home. The new owners immediately issued documents for the moon, and Louis went to their house for a non-probationary period. Neither Jack nor his fiancee had ever owned cats before, so the shelter staff weren’t sure they could handle two cats at once.

Luna and Louis quickly settled into their new home, they were sociable and obedient, they did not create any problems for their owners. A week later, Jack returned to the shelter and completed the paperwork for Louis.

The cats remained best friends, they grew up quickly, became beautiful cats that bathe in the love of their owners.

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