“Will you give me back now?” Naughty puppy taken from a shelter looked at the owners with guilty eyes

A dog named Kubil spent a lot of time in the kennel: a whole month. His life was not pleasant. For some reason, the rest of the residents of the shelter reacted badly to Kubik. Other dogs barked at him and even tried to bite him when given the chance. Volunteers resettled the dog in a separate enclosure to avoid such situations.

Kubik had a bad upbringing. He loved people and always caressed them, but behaved far from the best way.

Volunteers said that Kubik just needs care and activities. So everything can be back to normal.

Who knows if they were right. However, Kubik was a really smart and talented dog. Everything he was told, he absorbed incredibly quickly. But they took him from the orphanage not at all for these merits, but for how sad and sweet he was. The new owners immediately went to draw up documents after they looked at Kubik.

They prepared everything for the arrival of a new family member – from bowls to bedding – they arranged a yard in which Kubik was supposed to live.

On his first day in his new home, the dog kept close to the owners all the time, barking joyfully, demonstrating his joy. But in the evening something unpleasant happened.

The owner left his sneakers at the threshold. It is not entirely clear why they attracted the attention of the dog, but Kubik immediately dragged one sneaker into the garden and buried it in the cabbage patch, and tore the other into small pieces.

This surprised and upset the owner, who quickly discovered the loss. Kubik immediately showed that he was aware of his guilt. He crawled up to the man and looked at him with very guilty eyes.

Just don’t send me back to the orphanage. I beg you. I won’t do it again! – that’s what could be read in the eyes of the unfortunate dog. No one could remain indifferent to something like this.

The owner did not even really scold the dog, he looked too plaintive. He chose another pair of shoes and walked to the car, ready to go on business. The cube crawled after him and lay down near the wheel. The dog clearly believed that he was now being taken back to the kennel.

But this did not happen. In the following days, Kubik was very happy. After all, they didn’t take him to a shelter and didn’t even beat him! He did not immediately believe that everything could be so good. But when he realized, he stopped looking at the owners with such a sad, frightened look. Since then, Kubik has never touched the shoes.

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