The dog dragged the owner to the garbage can and showed her the cat and kittens, asking to take them

Gina is a German boxer. The fate of the dog was not easy. Its first owners were people prone to cruelty. The owners beat Gina and mocked her. Then the dog ended up in a shelter. It took a long time for her to start trusting people again. The shelter staff managed to find good owners for Gina, who fell in love with her and surrounded her with care. After all their experiences, their pet became very responsive to other people’s troubles.

Every day Gina and her mistress Mary went for a walk. This walk was different from the rest, because the dog made an unusual find. At some point, Gina pulled the hostess towards the trash cans. Mary did not plan to go in that direction at all, but she could not resist the desperate desire of the animal to go in that direction. Gina started running around the tanks and stopped at a far corner where a cat lay with a couple of small kittens.

Mary understood what the dog wanted from her, but it was not in the girl’s plans to immediately acquire a family of cats. She felt sorry for the homeless animals, but she understood that she could not help everyone. The girl began to call the dog to continue the walk, but Gina did not respond, then Mary tried to pull her away by force. The dog rested and did not want to budge.

Interestingly, neither the mother cat nor her kids were afraid of the big boxer, probably, at first sight, feeling that kind Gina would not offend them. Mary repeated her attempts to take Gina away from the tanks, but realizing that she could not do anything with her pet, she gathered the cat and kittens and they all went home together.

On the way to the house, Gina showed a good mood, as if she understood that she had done a good deed. Already at home, Gina took on the role of a nanny and helped the mother cat in every possible way to get comfortable. The kids completely took the dog for the second parent and crawled over it with pleasure and came to play.

Mary soon realized that Gina and the mother cat had become friends and the separation would be too painful for her cat. The girl decided that when the kittens grow up, she will find new owners for them, and the cat Lucy, this name was given to the new pet, Mary decided for herself.

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