No one wants to take a cat into their family because of their appearance. Is he doomed to loneliness?

Many people associate the appearance of this kitten with a vampire, which is why it is often proposed to name it that way. Shelter workers are against such a nickname for the ward, to whom they cannot find owners in any way. Volunteers worry that the unusual appearance, combined with a frightening name, will deprive the animal of the last chance to find a home.

Some suggest calling the baby Batman, but the cat’s too light coat makes this name not quite suitable. The name of the cat has not yet been chosen, but the volunteers hope that they will be able to find a family for him and the new owners will decide for themselves how to name the baby.

The appearance of a kitten is unusual and quickly remembered, but it also repels potential owners from it.

The baby has big ears, their shape is not at all typical for cats. The striking contrast with the ears creates a small and thin body. It seems that all the forces of the body’s resources were directed to the ears, and the body simply did not have time to grow behind them. Dental problems contribute to the unusual appearance.

The kitten looks like an Oriental, but this breed arouses interest, the kitten rather scares strangers, especially if it starts to smile at them.

The animal has a kind and affectionate disposition, but behind the huge ears and unusual teeth, people do not even try to consider his kindness.

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