The dog was tied to a pipe under the sink, a bowl of cereal was left nearby and left forever

The manager of the house heard the weak moans of an animal in one apartment, from where a family was evicted a week ago for unknown reasons.

He went to check and found a small dog in the bathroom, tightly tied to a pipe under the sink. There was only a bowl of cornflakes next to the poor thing, and the dog twisted the leash so badly that he was moaning in pain.

The reasons for this act of people who abandoned the dog tied up and without proper food and water are unknown. That is, the poor thing spent a whole week completely alone, not drinking water and not eating anything.

She only ate part of the cereal, probably when she no longer had the strength to endure hunger. But the second part remained, because due to the twisted leash, the animal could no longer reach for food. The pet was in an exhausted state.

After the man released the dog from the leash, he saw severe injuries on the neck. The manager decided to write on the social network and ask for help in taking care of the dog. The local animal rescue society responded to his request.

Volunteers arrived, took the dog and took it to the veterinarian. There, she underwent surgery on her neck, as she had an open wound. In addition, the doctor said that the animal’s condition indicated that it had been tied to the sink for more than a week. That is, the dog was tied even when the family still lived in that apartment.

Despite the tests that had fallen, the pet was trusting towards people and was very affectionate. They named the dog Autumn, which translates as Autumn. She constantly wanted to be stroked and caressed by people and each time she sought from close contact with the person who was nearby.

After the operation, the dog had a fever for a couple of days, but after that she got better, and her wound began to heal quickly.

At the moment, the pet is at the home of one of the volunteers, where she is recovering after treatment. But after she will look for permanent owners.

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