The dog met his exact “copy” in the market and convinced the owner to take him to their home

We think that if each of us met his doppelganger, he would definitely approach him at least to say hello and take a closer look. Therefore, when Beth went for a walk with her dog Ruth, and they saw a dog very similar to a pet, then of course they stopped. That is the beginning of this story.

Beth walked her dog Ruth around the market, buying the necessary groceries. It was then that they noticed a dog named Booster.

On this day in the market, the local shelter decided to arrange a fair in which dogs took part. This was done in order to try to find a home for pets in this way, because one of the visitors to the market might like this or that pet.

The interesting thing was that Booster was an exact copy of Ruth, only a boy.

Beth’s plans did not include getting another dog, but when she saw her pet’s doppelganger, the woman could not help but fall in love. Yes, and Ruth was delighted with the dog.

The dogs immediately sniffed each other and began to play.

Bat’s boyfriend has long wanted to get another dog, but she did not agree. But that day she changed her mind. She called Tyler and said she wanted to take home another dog.

It turned out that the dog is only 8 months old and he is a cross between a terrier and some other breed. Booster quickly joined the family, which already had two cats and a dog.

At first, Ruth and Booster had problems with interaction, as between brother and sister.


They ate each other’s food, took away toys, did everything to ensure that the attention of the owners went to one of them alone.

But now they have improved relations and now they are constantly together.

After some time, Booster gained weight and became more impressive in size than Ruth, who remained a petite girl.

The family recently moved to Hawaii and now their dogs frolic on the beach.

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