Due to severe hunger, the dog had to eat branches and gnaw stones to survive.

In New Orleans, a dog was found on the street. The animal was taken to the veterinarian, where he was given the name Alex, and also examined in weighed. With large sizes, the weight of the dog was less than 20 kg. According to the veterinarians, the weight was critically low and it was strange that the dog was still on its feet. X-rays showed that to survive, the dog ate rubble and branches.

Alex was adopted from the orphanage by Diana Theis. The woman understood that the dog needed a lot of attention, care and a special diet, which the shelter would not provide him with.

First, the doctors removed foreign objects from Alex’s stomach. After the intervention of surgeons, the dog recovered for a long time, but every day he made efforts and fought for his life.

As soon as the dog got a little stronger, Diana took him home from the clinic. The woman lived with two dogs, which were very educated to a new friend. It took the three dogs a few minutes to become good friends.

For the first week of life at home, Alex 5 kg. It turned out that everything. what the dog needs is care. Now Alex weighs almost 40 kg, he is a healthy, active and affectionate dog who feels loved and happy.

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