Homeless blind Sema warmed up a puppy that turned out to be unnecessary to his owners

Volunteer Lena, who takes care of animals, has now adopted a blind dog, Sema. And then the next day, a car stopped near her work and something was thrown out of there. At first she thought it was a toy, but no!

On the sidewalk, she saw a puppy sitting, which was very beautiful and very scared. He looked directly at Lena with his sad eyes.

So she did not return home alone. She entered the apartment, holding a cute creature that looked like a teddy bear in her arms.

Sam reacted to the puppy unexpectedly. He immediately felt sympathy for the baby, because he knew perfectly well what street life was and began to take care of him like a father. Sema immediately shared his food and toys with the little beauty. And he began to sleep next to her so that she would not feel lonely.

The dog surprised with his nobility. He is very smart, affectionate, kind and knows how to sympathize. He perfectly remembers what it is to be an orphan, so he pities the puppy.

Now they sleep together near the radiator, eat from the same dishes and quietly play on their rug.

The baby turned out to be also a very cute and quick-witted puppy. Approximately two months old, very calm and affectionate.

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