For 10 years she sat in the aviary without walking. But she still managed to find a house and a mistress.

Wiki is proof that there is always a place for a miracle in life. This charming girl found her home on World Day of Homeless Animals.

Vicki has been in the shelter since the first day of its work, she lived in the aviary for exactly ten years. During all this time she did not go for a walk even once.

The baby did not know how to walk, she did not trust people and did not even allow herself to be stroked.There are many wards in the shelters whose story is similar to Vicky’s. All their lives they live in the same enclosure, no one notices them, and often, in the same enclosure, their life ends.

Visitors to shelters bypass older dogs, and even more so those who, like Vicki, are afraid of people and do not know how to communicate with them.

We decided that the dog deserves a miracle and began to look for owners for it. The situation was complicated by the fact that Vicki was afraid of people, was not used to a leash and did not know how to walk.

Marina turned out to be the person who was not afraid of such a challenge. The girl understood that there would be no one who wanted to take the dog and she could spend her old age locked up. For a month, Marina came every day to talk to Vicki. When the dog stopped being afraid of Marina, she took her to her house

Marina wrote about her pet in social networks:

“On World Homeless Animal Day, this dog found a home. Now I have another pet. I did not plan to take a second pet, the dog Sirius already lives in my small apartment, who is afraid to walk on the street and is afraid of other animals. I always thought that my next pet would be a mentally stable dog that would help Sirius gain confidence in himself. Now I have two pets, each of which has their own fears, it’s difficult, but I could not leave Vicki in her enclosure.

Vicki is about thirteen, she spent the last ten in the aviary, without games and walks. There are few employees, many dogs, it is not always possible to walk with them. No one wanted to take Vika, who was elderly and frightened by everyone around her, from the shelter.

I was not going to take her either, but when I realized that she would live all her life in an aviary, not knowing affection and love, I could not leave her there. I know how to deal with such traumatized animals.

Hundreds of dogs remain alone in the enclosures, I feel sorry for each of them, but I can’t do anything about this situation. The most difficult thing is to choose, because you can only make one animal happy. But you know, making even one person happy is also important.”

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