Departing passengers left the dog right at the airport

According to employees, this dog appeared at the airport on Christmas Eve. Outwardly resembling a Labrador, a dog was abandoned in Orenburg near the airport terminal in thirty-degree frosts. People left the pet at the entrance, removed the collar, went into the building, leaving the animal on the street. The animal was waiting for its owners, but they boarded a flight to Moscow and left the city. The dog waited at the entrance, peering into the faces of every passenger who came out of the airport doors. A day later, volunteers took the dog for overexposure.

“This has already happened to us, only I have already witnessed three cases,” says Marina, an employee of the airport terminal.

The employee says that after the announcement about the dog got on social networks, her owners contacted the airport and asked for the phone of the person who takes care of the pet. Natalya, who took the animal under guardianship, did not wait for a call from his owners. Unfortunately, Natalya cannot leave the dog for a long time, she sheltered her only for a couple of weeks. The girl has her own pet, work does not allow her to spend much time at home.

“I took pity on her. It’s night outside, it’s cold, that’s why I took her. I have a cat, it was not clear how he would get along with a dog, how my husband would react to my idea, before I did not take animals for overexposure. I went myself, I thought I could get the dog out of the car. But she was scared, she came up to me, but she didn’t give in to her arms and didn’t want to get into the car. The volunteers arrived later, they had a collar and a leash.

They caught the dog quickly, it was weak from cold and hunger, did not really resist, whined more, cried. They carried her into the car. I named her Belka. She didn’t eat anything right away, she didn’t go out for a walk.

The next day I decided to eat and let me put on a leash,” says Natalya, who takes care of the dog.

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