Parents wanted to leave the puppy on the street, but the children could not betray him

The story happened to five children from Northern Tanzania. In the friendly company of the four girls of the Princess, Karen, Goodluck and Kenny, one boy named Cusbert crept in, which they were very happy about. And the boy did not hesitate to be friends with girls, because he is very kind in nature. Friends talked about how their day went.

Then Kenny noticed near the road, running lop-eared puppy. He tried to run across the road and was almost hit by motorcyclists a couple of times.

Cusbert said that he needed help and everyone rushed to the animal. The boy was clearly a leader among the girls, so they listened to him.

The children began to stroke the puppy, and he answered them with a satisfied wag of his tail and hugs in response. in the end, the kids decided to take him home.

However, none of the parents of the children allowed to leave the pet at home. “what do you need it for? Is he a sweet, a pie or a toy? With him, only one chore and still need to feed him. Take him back to the street!” That’s what all the parents said.

But the guys could not do with the puppy the way their parents told them. After discussing everything, they decided to take the baby to a young man, Ismael, who had a small animal shelter. This boy’s parents were sympathetic to his desire to help street animals and helped pay all the expenses for the maintenance of pets. At the age of 21, Ismael treated and put homeless animals in order, and after that he found new owners for them, and sometimes even abroad.

At that time, the enclosures in the shelter were already occupied by six dogs. However, realizing that the children would now begin to cry, Ismael could not refuse to help and nevertheless took a puppy to the shelter, whom his friends named Jack. The little volunteers were very happy about this. They made a promise that they would visit the puppy often.

The days passed, and Jack felt happy and content. He got along with two puppies of the same age who lived in a shelter. These three fidgets love to play in the yard and interfere with the guy with his chores.

After all the puppies that live in the shelter grow up, they will be given the necessary vaccinations, neutered and then they will look for permanent homes.

The young man told how he gradually founded his mini-shelter. His first pet was a dog without breed Tasha, who gave birth to puppies right on the street. The guy took the mother and her babies home, where he put them all in a box. After that, using social networks, he contacted specialists who helped him with the care of animals. So in the first year of the shelter, 19-year-old Ismael managed to save 30 dogs!

“It seems to me that soon I will have followers,” says the owner of the shelter. “Maybe it will be one of those guys!”

As you can see, everywhere there are kind people who care about the misfortunes of others. May there be more of these in the world!

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