The bear brought her cub to the girl so that she pulled a splinter out of his paw

It was a warm and bright summer. The sun rose early and the birds began to sing their cheerful songs.

Putting on a dress, I went to the lake to admire the beautiful scenery before it got too hot. The lake was quiet and calm. There was a slight fog over the water surface, dew covered the grass on the shore. I walked to the lake along the path that ran along the edge of the forest.

The crowns of the trees provided shade, shielding from the sun, which rose higher and higher. I walked along this road every day and every day the landscape was different: the grass was replaced by flowers, and their berries.

During this walk, I saw a bear with a baby. I didn’t want to scare the animals, so I stopped by a tree and sat down on the grass. I wanted to wait for the bears to leave and then continue on my way.

Our village is near the forest, so the locals do not experience much fear of bears. Bears often wander into the village, but I know that it is better to avoid encounters with them. I hid well and the bear did not notice me, only this played a cruel joke on me, walking straight towards me, pushing her baby.

At that moment, I noticed that the bear cub had a sore paw. When the animals approached, I noticed that the baby had a splinter in his paw. Most likely, the bear could not pull out the splinter, so she brought her baby to me, asking for help. I managed to pull the splinter out of the bear’s paw with one sharp movement. The baby howled, and the alarmed mother approached us. Realizing that I did what she wanted, the bear took the baby and, without showing any aggression, the animals went into the forest.

Probably, it is dangerous to approach wild animals like that, only in our village they are not afraid of bears, no one hunts them, but if necessary they feed them, therefore animals do not attack people.

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