Little tiger cubs were orphaned, and the orangutan accepted them as relatives: stroked, hugged and fed

Usually the heroes of touching stories are pets, but this time the orangutan turned out to be in the center of the story, who decided to replace the mother for the little tiger cubs.

Five tiger cubs were born in one of the US zoos. Very soon the crumbs became orphans. Of course, people in the zoo took care of them, but they could not replace their mother. This role was taken by an orangutan, also living in the zoo.

One day, the workers noticed that the orangutan found a common language with the cubs and enjoyed playing with them. The primate showed extraordinary tenderness to the striped babies, he hugged the crumbs and touchingly pressed them to himself. The zoo staff was surprised by this reaction of the monkey, but decided to respect the decision of the “adoptive father” and help him. People showed the orangutan how to bottle feed babies, and from that moment on, feeding the babies became the responsibility of the primate. The cubs soon got used to the unusual parent, they showed such tenderness to him, as if to his own mother.

Soon, the orangutan began to engage not only in nutrition, but also in the behavior of babies. With the upbringing of tiger cubs, the primate had a difficult time. The cubs were active, often scattered in different directions or had fights among themselves. Almost all the time and all the strength of the adoptive dad went into instilling good manners in the kids and stopping their pranks. Unfortunately, the kids did not listen to the instructions of their parent, but the orangutan repeated them with enviable patience every day.

When the kids grew up, they were given a separate enclosure. The cubs were very attached to their foster dad, but they could not control their instincts, so they could no longer live with the monkey.

This story is an example of the fact that not only a mother can have a maternal instinct, but love is stronger than the laws of nature.

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