A tiny kitten froze into a snowdrift, he had little chance

The beginning of this year has been difficult for us. It seems that the holidays have only made people angrier.

We were at the clinic, where we brought our ward cats for sterilization. At the same time, a young cat was brought to the clinic. The animal lay in the snow and slowly died when a woman passing by noticed it and pulled it out of the snow. The woman brought the cat to the veterinarian, paid for the appointment and agreed to help pay for the treatment, but she could not keep the cat.

Our volunteer Natalia was at the clinic with her patients. Seeing the unfortunate cat, she decided to help. To begin with, she agreed with the clinic staff that the cat would spend that night in their hospital, after which she would pick up the animal. The woman who found the cat promised that she would bring him to Natalia herself.

The cat had severe frostbite, he obviously spent many hours in the cold. Hard frosts began at the end of November and by mid-December they subsided. The cat has obviously been walking the streets in such a terrible state for more than one month. Part of the tail had already fallen off, the nose was frostbitten. The cat obviously had not eaten enough for a long time, even the fur could not hide the outlines of its ribs. The cat had almost no physical strength left, but there was enough strength of mind to continue to fight. He began to eat, and we know that this is a sign that the animal is not resigned to defeat.

The next day the cat was with Natalia. All day the animal did not leave the bowl and did not take any breaks during meals. The cat seemed to be trying to eat for all the time he was hungry. It is good that the cat has a bright red color, otherwise he would not have been seen in a snowdrift, and he no longer had the strength to call for help.

While the cat lives with Natalia. Recovery is difficult and slow. Antibiotics do not have the best effect on housing and communal services, the cat has to be washed frequently due to loose stools. How difficult it was for me to understand when my Tamerlane had a similar disorder. Every couple of hours the cat went to the toilet, and then I had to wash it. To alleviate the situation, we took a long time to select special feeds, which we bought exclusively thanks to the help of our readers. In addition to food and bathing, diapers and constant, round-the-clock supervision are also needed.

Several times a day, the cat receives medicine, the drug is good, we hope to see the results of taking it soon.

We believe that a miracle will happen and despite the skepticism of doctors, the cat will live.

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