After the summer season, the old summer resident walked sadly around the village and collected seals.

By mid-autumn, the holiday village was completely empty. On the weekends, rare summer residents appeared in the village, who put the site in order before winter, the companies that came for barbecues had not been shown outside the city for a long time. But there are a lot more cats in the country. Over the summer, the animals got used to being fed by local residents, so when the village was empty, it became difficult for them to find food.

At this time, Anna Markovna kept her watch. The woman walked the streets, collected cats and fed them. The food was simple, but hearty, which is very important during the cold season. The cats, realizing that there would be no other food, ate the treat with pleasure. Over the summer, street cats got used to people, so they completely trusted the pensioner.

“Don’t complain that the food is simple. I cook porridge with stew for myself, and I treat you to the same. Come to my barn at night, the conditions there are not like in a hotel, but there is no wind and no dripping from the roof. I made mattresses for you to sleep comfortably. I would take you to the veterinarian so that I don’t bring the kids, but I just have nothing to pay for sterilization, ”Anna Markovna told the cat, which came, attracted by the smell of food.

For several days, a couple of dozen cats gathered in the woman’s barn. The youngest woman was taken to the market, trying to find a family for them. The woman looked at the faces of passers-by and if one of them seemed kind to her, she turned to them with a request to take a kitten. Sometimes she brought the kids back, and sometimes they left the market with new owners to their house.

Thanks to Anna Markovna, the cats survived the cold and hungry winter, and when it became warm they again went outside, running around the dachas, attracted by the smell of barbecue. In the summer, the wards rarely visited the pensioner, but sometimes they ran in, sing a song and express gratitude.

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