To save a kangaroo, in Australia, the guy jumped into the viscous mud

Teenagers Jack and Nick from Australia went on a bike ride through the wasteland. Driving past the swamp, they noticed that the head of an animal was visible from it.

Coming closer, the guys realized that it was a kangaroo, it almost completely drowned in the mud and did not know what to do next. The kangaroo did not move, resigned to its fate.

The teenagers decided to help the animal. Nick tied himself with a rope and went to help the animal, while Jack remained by the swamp, holding the other end of the rope.

Nick managed to get to the animal and grab it. The frightened kangaroo began to resist, but then he realized that they wanted to help him and calmed down.

The guys said that they were afraid for the life of the animal. In their opinion, the kangaroo climbed into the swamp to find water, but could not get back through the wet soil.

Jack pulled the rope with all his might to help his friend and the kangaroo reach the shore. As soon as Nick and the animal were on solid ground, the guys decided to take the kangaroo to the veterinarian at the rescue center.

Doctors washed and watered the animal, gave him injections to quickly overcome dehydration. Kangaroo was seriously injured, but there was no threat to his life. According to the doctors, everything went well only thanks to the act of the guys who saved the animal and took it to the help center.

Kangaroo remained at the center and is recovering under the supervision of veterinarians. The animal will undergo rehabilitation, after which it will be returned to nature.

Jack and Nick became real heroes, their story was told in the press. Teenagers say they are proud of their deed and in the future they are ready to help animals that are in trouble.

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