To remove the noose from the neck, the wild tiger himself came to people for help

The man was very surprised when he saw a tiger in the backyard of his house. The animal was weak and sick, it did not cause fear, but a desire to help.

The village paramedic heard an unusual noise in the yard and went out to see what was happening, although he assumed that the strong wind was to blame. In the yard, he saw that unusual sounds were made by a tiger, which was just lying at his door. The tiger was big and big, when he stood up and moved towards the man, he was seriously scared.

The predator slowly approached the man and tilted his head, as if to show that he did not intend to harm him.

The man noticed a tight metal loop around the animal’s neck. Metal managed to damage the skin of the animal and it was clear that the open glade and the loop itself hurt him.

Deciding to help the animal, the man went to the tool shed, the tiger followed him. The paramedic removed the noose and treated the wound. It was noticeable that every touch on the inflamed wound caused pain to the tiger, but he endured and did not express his displeasure to the man. The animal behaved calmly, but he refused the offered food.

Soon the wound began to heal, and the tiger left as unnoticed as it had appeared at the house.

The animal did not show up at the paramedic’s house for several days, but decided to thank his savior. In the morning, the paramedic found a deer carcass in his backyard, which the animal brought as a thank you for his help.

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