Once a cat cried on the sidelines of loneliness, but now he is famous: what kindness does

A family living in Florida was on their way home. Glancing at the side of the road, they noticed a small kitten sitting alone very close to the roadway. People stopped and came to look at the baby. The kitten was weak and sick, it became clear that if the baby continued to remain on the street, his days were numbered. People could not do this with the baby, and together with them he went to his new home.

The kitten needed treatment, but the family did everything necessary for the baby, who received the name Silas, to recover. The kitten gained weight and got bigger every month. Silas grew, and with him grew and became more and more fluffy his hair.

At first, the owners saw that the baby was covered with fluffy white hair, but the older he got, the more he looked like a “fur factory” – as their owners jokingly call the pet.

The owner of the cat says that the beauty of Silas is also her merit and is very proud of the pet. The cat has his own account in social networks, photos and videos with his participation are viewed by tens of thousands of users.

The owner regularly posts new pictures of Silas, but collages of photos of the cat in the first days of his appearance in the house and new pictures attract the most attention. As if to believe that a thin and dirty baby has turned into a big beautiful cat with thick snow-white hair. All the magic of such a transformation lies in love and care.

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