“Mommy, it hurts a lot”: my son turned to me

“In the evening, the son looked very sad. When I asked what happened to him, Timofey said that he had found a dog in a trash can. I did not attach much importance, I thought the animal lay down to warm up, now I understand that I had to immediately go and check.

In the morning, my son got up early, I didn’t even have to wake him up, and this happens very rarely. He went to school, and soon called and said that the dog needed help. He said that she froze to the tank. Probably, the dog did not have the strength to get up, she urinated under herself, and in the cold it all quickly turned into ice, ”said Veronika Koroleva, a resident of Khabarovsk.

Veronika and Timofey started calling local shelters, Elin Dom agreed to help. Employees arrived at the indicated place and carefully rescued the animal from the ice captivity. Taking the dog out of the tank, she was immediately wrapped in a warm blanket. It became clear why the dog could not stand up – a bullet wound was visible on the paw. Timothy decided that someone had shot the animal with salt.

An employee of the shelter, Svetlana Lazareva, said that the dog was immediately taken to the veterinarians and she is receiving all the necessary assistance. In addition to the wound, the animal was diagnosed with severe exhaustion, ulcers and bite marks on the body. When the dog was found, she could not lean on her right leg and was heavily frozen to the metal tank. According to Svetlana, Timofey saved the animal, because a few more hours without help in the cold would have been fatal for him.

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