Having left the call, we saw a dog in the middle of the road: he was sitting and did not let us through

I work in an ambulance, this story happened during one of my shifts.

It was late afternoon, it was starting to get dark, and it was raining outside. We were returning from a call when we just noticed a dog in the middle of the road. When the ambulance approached the animal almost closely, it was not afraid, moreover, the dog simply did not budge. The driver stopped, hoping that the dog would give way, but he did not react in any way, he just looked at people through the glass of the car. At the first moment, it seemed that the dog was waiting for us, so it was not at all surprised by the car that slowed down next to us.

Every ambulance worker has a dozen strange stories in store, but none of our team has ever come across such a story. So we silently watched the animals. A few minutes later the dog was in the same place and just looked at us. One of the nurses could not stand it and got out of the car to drive the animal off the road. When a man approached, the dog seemed to understand what would happen next, so he resignedly got up from the asphalt and stepped aside.

The nurse returned to the car, but before the driver had time to start the engine, the dog returned to its place right in front of the hood. When the nurse came out again, the animal did not leave, with all his appearance the dog seemed to demand that the man follow him. The man decided to see what would come of it, so he turned on the flashlight and gestured to the dog that he was ready to follow her.

The dog led the man to a dark section of the roadside, where an elderly man was lying, who was unconscious. The whole team immediately set to work.

Soon we took our patient to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed the man with a stroke. As it turned out, the dog, along with the owner, went to the store, but on the way the man became ill, he lost consciousness, and the dog rushed in search of help. All the way the animal ran after our car, and after that it was on duty at the door of the hospital.

Stepping in the morning for a shift, I once again saw this dog. The animal sat at the door of the hospital and practically did not move. The dog answered my call and came over. I began to stroke and praise the dog, telling him that I never suspected that animals could be so attached to a person. The dog behaved very affectionately, as if he thanked me for helping his master.

This story is similar to the plot of the movie “Hachiko”, but it had a happy ending. The man was cured, at the exit from the hospital he met his pet and together they went home.

If I had not personally witnessed such a strong and touching friendship between a dog and a man, I myself would not have believed that it really happened.

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