Carrying home a street kitten, the girl heard steps from behind: the cat was running with hope

Hannah and her boyfriend were tidying up the garden at their house. The baby was crying at the top of his voice, trying to attract the attention of people.

The kid was lucky that he ended up in this garden, because the young couple loved animals. Hannah took the kitten and walked with him to the house. Behind her, the girl heard quiet steps, looking around, she saw a second kitten, as thin and unhappy as the one she had in her arms. It turned out that they had a fluffy brother and sister in their garden, they both needed help.

The girl washed the kids and saved them from fleas. There were so many insects in the fur that it took time to remove them all. Levochka was named Yara, she tolerated water procedures well, but her brother turned out to be weaker and his condition worsened with every minute. The kitten was given a special syrup and his condition returned to normal.

The kittens stayed with Hannah and her boyfriend. Yara turned out to be a calm cat, while her brother is active and loves to play pranks. Most of all, cats love to climb on their mistress, clinging to her clothes and skin with their claws. Such unusual fun makes Hanna uncomfortable, but for the pleasure of her pet, the girl endures discomfort. The couple’s other pet, a dog named Bruce, looks after the babies.

The kittens are lucky that they ended up in the yard with such kind people who not only helped them, but also became their family.

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