The man brought a cat to get rid of mice, and the cat took and began to be friends with mice

The man decided to take the cat into the house solely for practical reasons. Having moved to a new house, the man was faced with an invasion of mice and decided that the cat would help him solve this problem. The talent to catch rodents is given to cats by nature itself, so a person did not have the slightest doubt that the animal could cope with the task.

But nature is unpredictable, and as a pet, a man chose a cat that is either devoid of hunting instincts, either too lazy to run after mice, or too kind to offend anyone, even rodents.

The cat was named Lil Mac, he got into a new house as a kitten and quickly settled down in it. Feeling the presence of the mouse cat and really subdued, they tried not to catch the eye of the owner of the house and his new pet. Lil Mac caught his first mouse when he was almost a year old.

The rodent caught the eye of the cat at night, but the predator did not understand at all what to do with the prey, so he decided that the mouse would become his friend. The cat and the mouse sat side by side and looked at each other. The mouse did not try to escape, and the cat did not try to keep it or “play”, usually its relatives do just that with rodents. After sitting side by side for a while, the “hunter” and the “victim” peacefully went about their business.

The owner of Lil Mac witnessed this story, he took several photos of unusual friends that he posted online. In the comments, the man was advised to change the name of the cat to Tom, and the mouse, which can now visit often, be called Jerry.

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