The little cat crawled upstairs from the basement only in the evenings. Seeing her during the day, people realized that she needed urgent help.

The cat with whom this story happened is called Murzilka. For a long time she lived in the basement of one of the houses, people saw her from time to time.

The baby was too weak to even climb out. Gradually, however, she got hungry enough to put in more effort and crawl out to a place where a caring local woman regularly fed stray cats, who also came from neighboring houses to get food.

Usually the woman came at dusk so as not to embarrass other residents of the house with her actions. The cats did not stay near her for a long time: they took food and ran away from the frost. Murzilka was no exception, the woman could not even see what she looked like. The kitty went out only for food and very quickly ran back to the basement, not allowing anyone to approach her.

One day, the woman turned her attention to the baby, who did not take food, although she asked for it along with the rest of the local animals. It was at this moment that she was able to properly consider. Murzilka looked terrible, it was obvious that she needed urgent help from people.

It was hard to believe that the cat managed to survive being in such a serious condition. Some of her illnesses were completely incompatible with life. You couldn’t even guess how long she’d been walking down the street like that. It is possible that more than a week, and this is a huge time. Murzilka looked no more than one and a half months old, but it turned out that her age was about three months, simply because of her lifestyle, the cat was behind normal kittens of the same age in growth.

The cat was taken to the veterinarian, who did all the necessary manipulations to help her, and also placed her for preservation in an oxygen chamber, trying to improve the general condition of the animal. So Murzilka began to recover rapidly, recovering very quickly. After a very short time, she began to walk around the small cell and tap her paws on the glass, demanding food and attention from people passing by.

Murzilka stayed in the clinic for only a few days, after which she was sent to a temporary home with kind people who agreed to take her in for overexposure. She needed special care due to her health problems, and people were doing everything to improve the condition of this kitty. For example, Murzilka is still unable to control the toilet. But gradually the situation is getting better and better, thanks to the help of doctors and other caring people.

Murzilka was cured of scabies, and she immediately began to look much better, turning out to be a real beauty. Very soon she began to refuse to sit in a cage, demanding more freedom for herself. The little girl stayed too long in a small enclosed space, it was unpleasant and unusual for her.

Now Murzilka is in the process of recovery, despite the fact that her condition has already improved greatly. As soon as she finally recovers, she will begin to look for real owners and a permanent home. This is a very strong cat that can overcome any challenge.

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