What is “fidelity” this emaciated dog knew even better than his master, but already a former

In just a year of his dog life, the dog has known a lot of suffering. He had a very angry owner, but the animal did not know that it could be otherwise.

The dog was abused, poorly fed, and then, in general, left on one of the streets of the city.

But the dog did not leave the place where the owner left him, because he believed that he would definitely return for him.

Not one day passed like this, until the volunteers paid attention to it. It was clear from his appearance that he was starving. It could be compared to a bicycle frame. But that didn’t make him aggressive. He, as before, was friendly and affectionate.

The dog was so exhausted that he did not object when he was taken from the street.

The shelter staff were shocked by the appearance of the dog. He was immediately given the nickname – Spider. From the first day he endeared himself to all employees, as his friendliness knew no bounds.

Spider was prescribed long-term treatment, and the psyche of the animal also needed help. Even while in the orphanage, he cried real tears for his former master. All the shelter workers had a strong desire to find this person and make them answer for their actions.

Of course, it was impossible. The main thing is that Spider was on the mend, both physically and psychologically.

The doctor from the orphanage admires Spider’s loyalty, his ability to make friends, easily join the team and stand up for his people.

Spider needs to find a loving and patient owner who will help him forget past sorrows.

While these are being handled by the shelter workers, they are simultaneously looking for a new owner for the dog.

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